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About Us
Kunshan Sochi Electronics Co.,Ltd
Kunshan Sochi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a diversified service company integrating production and trade.

Our main service targets are automotive electronics, semiconductor and PCB industry customers,such as TTM,APEX,ATS.

20 years of production experience in the PCB industry of us could offer better service for you.

The main products

1-PCB equipment;

2-PCB CNC drilling machine and milling machine parts;

3-repair and maintenance of drilling /molding machine;

4-maintenance of spindle and various chip boards;

5-production and processing of automobile molds and parts.


Technical team of excellence, advanced CNC processing equipment,

testing equipment to ensure that our product quality meets and meets customer requirements.  



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Kunshan Sochi offer perfect services and good products. We enjoy their nice price based on good quality,kunshan sochi is so nice. -- Shun

They meet our products needs and offer very nice service. We'd like to cooperate with them always. -- Sudheendra